Business Description

Our comprehensive creative works range from strategy planning to graphic and product design, photography, movie production, 3DCG and 2D image processing.
We have the capacity to deliver comprehensible, sophisticated and emotional solutions that evoke sympathy.

We thoroughly understand each product and identify the market trend in order to offer you the best solution.
Understanding the details of the product and the trend of the market is essential to our service. This is how we come up with the best plan to sell your product.

Design & Copy
We take pride in our quality. Our creative insight enables us to deliver the right message to the right target.
Our promotional and advertising materials are well-designed and always user-oriented. We are committed to pursue visual expressions that are up-to-date and can convey product features correctly and effectively. Additionally, we produce creative and technical advertising copy that sells products and services in various countries and regions.

Digital Creation
In the areas of 2D image processing and 3DCG, we create high quality visual content utilizing state-of-the-art technology.
Our long experience in the digital field enables us to turn new ideas and concepts into optimum visual solutions in a more efficient way. We continue to expand our possibilities in multiple areas such as CAD, CG, retouching, color management, movie making, and more.

Original Product
When we produce new commercial products, we always think out-of-the-box.
We design and manufacture new commercial products that solve the problems and inconveniences of daily life. Based on totally new concepts and ideas, our commercial products balance design and functionality at a high level in order to respond to the real needs of the market.

iPhone / Android App
Our smartphone apps incorporate creative concepts with the latest technologies.
We specialize in the development of a range of smartphone apps. Our enjoyable, user-friendly products include an app that helps you take good-looking photos by offering you information on shooting locations and image processing tools, and a motion-sensing app that makes different sounds depending on your movements.